Meet The Owner of TAN Virginia Beach

Trista Senseman

Hey there! I’m Trista. I am a Certified Spray Tan Artist & Owner of TAN Virginia Beach. I am also an Esthetician Student pursuing my Masters! So it's fair to say, I am obsessed with skin! To give you the cleanest, best Spray Tan possible and to stay in line with my values, I offer a Luxury line of Vegan Spray Tan Products which include only naturally derived ingredients. Getting a spray tan is the safest alternative to getting a natural tan, so you should never have to worry about harsh chemicals when receiving your spray tan. With our Luxury Line at TAN, You won't have to!

In addition to TAN and Skin School, I am a Texas Native, Married mama, living here at the Beach!. My husband, Sean and I live a crazy busy lifestyle with kids competing in horseback riding, year-round soccer and gymnastics, plus a baby. (Thank goodness for gramaw!) When we aren't chasing kiddos, we love trying new restaurants here in Virginia Beach and supporting other local businesses. We also love traveling to other Beach Towns or hitting the mountains for a getaway.

Lastly, I am a big advocate of Body Positivity and have a judgment free studio. We all have things about our bodies that we dislike, as a mother of three.. I can totally relate, but I want you to love your body as it is! As a TAN client, you will bare it all and that is ok! What you can not do is apologize for your cellulite, not waxing, your hair, your fat or your toe nails, because you just don’t need to! I am only concentrating on giving you an amazing TAN and boosting confidence!
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